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Scaramella Holdings Corporation

A growing portfolio of real estate, oil, and retail management companies
founded by Russell Scaramella in 2000.

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About The Company

Russell Scaramella, CEO and founder of Scaramella Holdings Corporation, has spent more than three decades in the commercial real estate and retail industries. He has become a recognized leader in the gasoline retail and convenience store industry before building his own portfolio of companies. In just over nine years, his Scaramella Holdings Corporation grew to more than 700 employees and produced more than one billion dollars in annual sales. His portfolio includes a range of businesses in Arizona, Hawaii, and Georgia.

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SoCal Refining & Marketing
Vickery Village

Scaramella Holdings Corporation comprises real estate-related businesses conducted out of a number of affiliated, limited liability legal entities, each of which is responsible for its own obligations and is not responsible for the legal obligations of any other affiliate, person or entity.